Sadly, there is NO KNOWN CURE for Myasthenic patients to date. The treatment is aimed at keeping the symptoms of the disease under control and to improve the quality of life of people suffering from this condition.

It is said that with proper and regular medications and a healthy lifestyle the people affected with myasthenia may lead to a “close to normal” life.

Myasthenia is known as “SNOWFLAKE DISEASE”, an individual snow flake is never exactly same as another snowflake even though it all appears to be same, in the same way, a person with myasthenia is never exactly same as another individual having the same condition. Although some of the general symptoms may coincide, each individuals’ symptoms and response to treatment may vary a great deal from person to person. A treatment modality which is found to be effective in one person may actually worsen the symptoms in another individual. So a more customized type of treatment is what is actually required by finding out what type of drug combinations or treatment modalities best suit for that particular individual. So the final treatment plans are drawn on the basis of the following:

  • The severity of myasthenia [MGFA CLASS]
  • Type of myasthenia [Congenital Myasthenia or Myasthenia Gravis]
  • Patient age
  • Serology status [Acetyl Choline Receptor Antibody Positive/Negative]
  • Thymic pathology
  • Concurrent medical issues
  • Patient & physician preference
  • Physician experience