Why MG Awareness is Necessary

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Linganna Bhavya
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Why MG Awareness is Necessary

Post by Linganna Bhavya » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:50 pm

Hello Everyone

I hope you all doing great.

In my previous post I mentioned about how and what was the motivation to create the website. Based on the feedback what we recieved on all our social media, here is the most important question what I heard from people. "Why do you need to talk about MG?"

Well thats an interesting question what we heard and the answer would be very simple. Firstly, spreading awareness is always good because its good to update our knowledge about things which we are not aware of. Secondly, This will be a good opportunity for the people who are refraining form talking about this rare disorder due to society or social stigma even though they are suffering from it. And this will be a motivation for all those people.

I will come up with different topic in my next post. Untill then take care.

Bhavya Linganna
MG Helpinghands

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